Principle of Operation
Drying Cycle : Moist air from the compressor is sent through the coalescing filter. Here water & oil coalesces and purges
through the auto drain valve. The relatively clean air with water vapour passing through the aluminum drying tower filled with
desiccant gets completely dried (up to -400C PDP) and then passes through a built in after filter (25 micron). The desiccant
fines from the towers are completely removed and clean dry air is let out through the outlet port for use. Regeneration Cycle: During the regeneration cycle, the sudden depressurization brings out water molecule strapped in the Desiccant pores to the surface of the beads. A small portion of dry compressed air from the drying tower then passes over the
desiccant through the regeneration orifice built in the Top Block. This results in complete regeneration of the Desiccant.