AOK 20B – automatic condensate drain trap

AOK 20B – automatic condensate drain trap
The AOK 20 is used when larger amounts of condensate ( up to 300 1/h ) must be automatically discharged from filter, pressure vessels and cyclone separators. It ensures reliable operation up to 20 barg ( 290 psig ). When the condensate exceeds the discharge level, the float rises, opens the discharge aperture and discharge condensate from the system. We reccomend the installation of the FK filter or nipple, which improves the performance of the AOK 20B




  • material aluminium alloy
  • operating temperature range: 0-120 °C(32-248°F)
  • operating pressure range: 0-20 barg (290psig)
  • connection: R1/2″
  • oil resistant o-ring


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