We officially import and distribute air treatment products such as high quality compressed air filters, both normal and high pressure ones, filters used in food industries, pharmaceutical industries as well as others requiring clean air in their system.

Our products includes a wide range of air dryers either refrigerated type or desiccant ones, environment saving products for example compressed air condensate separators, oil mist separators for separating oil and air before it is released into the atmosphere, which helps protecting the environment, various kinds of automatic condensate drain for instance float type, electronic timer drain, zero air loss drain etc, including pneumatics equipment, pneumatic feeder, shock absorber, stainless steel valve and fittings and others related products.

We are very pleased to give advice and service on clean air system. Guaranteed by our long and consecutive experience and tremendous success, our highly qualified staff and their sense of responsibility towards customers and the society, we have been trusted by a great number of customers for over a decade.